Singapore, May 4, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via – Infocus International Group is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand-new virtual workshop, Strategic Human Resource Management, starting on 13th June 2023.

This exciting new course is the next level in managing people in organizations. An advanced HR course, attendee’s itinerary is focused on framing the urgent and complex contemporary challenges facing HR professionals in a strategic framework. The big question this course answers is: How and in what ways can HR professionals deliver value and contribute to the achievement of the company’s wider strategic goals while navigating people through the complexities and uncertainties of a fast-changing future?

Strategic HR is about aligning HR initiatives with the broader strategic goals and plans of the organization. Strategic HR leads from the front and drives change rather than reacts to it, and strategic HR both saves and makes the company money. This dynamic course explores several key areas where HR has the opportunity to play strategic lead and drive positive change for the organization through the employees and how they work. These new frontiers pose a challenge for HR professionals as for many of us, this is new territory. This course is the help, advice and solutions you are looking for.

Guided by a leading international expert, and through uncovering global best practice examples and experiences from major companies, attendees will explore the challenges and possibilities of:

  • Discovering the latest trends, challenges and solution in emerging HR topics
  • Gaining insights into how leading iconic companies are addressing pressing challenges
  • Receiving high-quality learning pack of 150+ PPT slides, usable models, articles, industry cases, assessment tools and take-away bonus booklets
  • Acquiring real knowledge and skills to begin future-proofing your most valuable resource – employees
  • Seeking advice and guidance on specific projects, challenges, or dilemmas that you are facing in your role
  • Building relationships and expanding your professional network by meeting diverse range of professionals attending the program
  • Achieving distinct competitive advantage over your competitors by tackling challenges and providing solutions for tomorrow’s HR issues

This cutting-edge course is designed to equip HR professionals with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in the rapidly evolving field of human resource management. Through live 5 online sessions, attendees will learn from seasoned industry experts and gain valuable insights into the latest HR trends and best practices, empowering them to take their careers to the next level. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your full potential in human resource management – enroll now for InFocus International’s Strategic Human Resource Management Online Course.

Benefits of Attending

  • Leading people and your company successfully through a range of different crises
  • Embracing leading edge technologies to deliver better HR services for customers and employees
  • Building robust solutions to ever-growing costly problem of poor employee mental health
  • Realizing and maximizing the hidden potential of an ageing workforce for competitive advantage
  • Assessing the costs and benefits of strategic HR outsourcing and offshoring to streamline the business and better manage costs
  • Monitoring and surveillance techniques for increased employee safety, compliance and productivity
  • Embracing Green HRM and realizing the many benefits it offers
  • Understanding and leveraging the employer’s hand in the all-important psychological contract we have with each employee
  • Learning from global best practice through case studies and industry examples sharing the ‘secrets’ from leading iconic companies such as: Siemens, PayPal, Bayer, Bank of America, Google, McDonalds, Amazon, IBM, Hilton, US Air force, and many more

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