HONG KONG, Apr 3, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – Ev Dynamics (Holdings) Limited (the “Company”, Stock Code: 476, together with its subsidiaries, collectively “Ev Dynamics” or the “Group”), a leading developer and manufacturer of new energy vehicles (NEVs), announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary China Dynamics New Energy Technology Company Limited has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhongguancun Trust and Integrity Alliance for Technology and Innovation (“Zhongguancun Technology”;) and Shenzhen Qinghang Zhixing Technology Company Limited (“Shenzhen Qinghang Zhixing”;) to jointly promote the application of autonomous driving technologies and seize market opportunities brought by related technologies rapidly developing and heading for commercialization.

Chan Hoi Ying, Executive Director of Ev Dynamics (Center), Zhou Ruiqing, Executive Vice Chairman of Zhongguancun Trust and Integrity Alliance for Technology and Innovation (Left) and Liu Peng, Director of Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Technology Laboratory, Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen sign a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote the application of autonomous driving technologies.

Pursuant to the agreement, the partners will collaborate on R&D and industrialization of autonomous driving and related automatic parking technologies at airports and initiate setting up such organizations as Hong Kong Specialized and New Industry Promotion Association and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Innovation Technology and Industry Alliance to develop zero-carbon transport, smart transport and autonomous driving projects. Such efforts will allow the parties to improve overall operational efficiency and reduce operating costs, hence realize considerable commercial value.

Based on the agreement, Ev Dynamics will be authorized by Zhongguancun Technology and Shenzhen Qinghang Zhixing to use and promote the technologies and products of their affiliates in Hong Kong, as such be able to actively partake in the city’s technological development, as well as assist its partners and other allies in mounting promotion activities in Hong Kong. The partners can also jointly develop overseas markets.

Mr. Cheung Ngan, Chairman of Ev Dynamics, said, “We are pleased to be cooperating with two major scientific and technological institutions in Mainland China. Zhongguancun Technology has extensive experience in transfer of scientific and technological achievements and setting technological standards, whereas Shenzhen Qinghang Zhixing is a smart transport research platform and incubator backed by a renowned university in China, whereas the Group has distinctive advantages in developing and producing new energy commercial vehicle technologies and promotion in international markets. Hence, working together on exploring industrialization of autonomous driving, we will be able to complement each other’s strengths and achieve all-win and sustainable growth capitalizing on the development trend of the auto industry going forward.”

About Ev Dynamics (Holdings) Limited (Stock Code: 476)
Ev Dynamics (Holdings) Limited is a pioneer and an emerging prominent player in the world’s new energy commercial vehicles market. It is a component and whole-vehicle manufacturer of specialty passenger vehicles and new energy passenger vehicles. It provides integrated driving and logistics solutions backed by its solid technological foundation in areas including new energy platform power systems and key components. Its NEV R&D center is in Shenzhen and manufacturing base is in Wulong, Chongqing, China, and has a sales network covering Mainland China, Hong Kong, Asia Pacific and South America.

About Zhongguancun Trust and Integrity Alliance for Technology and Innovation
Zhongguancun Trust and Integrity Alliance for Technology and Innovation is a non-profit organization established in 2016 with approval from the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is a national technological association specializing in product traceability technology R&D, transfer of scientific and technological achievements, setting technological standards, evaluating integrity enterprises and products, building product transaction integrity systems, conducting and protecting intellectual property rights transactions, providing professional consultation, training, and convention and exhibition services, taking government projects, carrying out international exchange and cooperation, and focusing on innovative development of the emerging technology services sector.

About Shenzhen Qinghang Zhixing Technology Company Limited
Shenzhen Qinghang Zhixing Technology Company Limited has the backing of technological expertise of the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen and, together with the university, established the “Tsinghua University Airport Autonomous Driving Joint Research Center” and the “Shenzhen Research Institute Smart Transport IoT Technology Laboratory”, providing airports with the first-in-China-and-overseas “cloud-road-vehicle” integrated collaborative control technology and automatic parking technology.

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