SINGAPORE, Sep 19, 2022 – (ACN Newswire via – Today, Moonstake is thrilled to announce that we will officially support the Ethereum Merge. This event marks the full transition of the Ethereum network to Proof-of-Stake and will finally enable users to stake and earn from their ETH assets. We are proud to be one of the first platforms in the world to officially support the new Proof-of-Stake ETH.

The Ethereum Merge will undoubtedly bring about exciting developments for the market as well as many benefits to crypto users. We have an insight article on the impact of this event and why you should care here( , so check it out if you’re interested.

Moonstake users do not need to take any action to access the new Proof-of-Stake ETH. All your ETH funds on Moonstake will remain secure when the Merge takes place.

Moonstake started the staking business last year with the aim to create the largest staking network in Asia. Since then, we have developed the most user-friendly Web Wallet and Mobile Wallet (iOS / Android) with support for over 2000 cryptocurrencies. After a full-scale operation launched in August 2020, Moonstake’s total staking assets have grown rapidly to reach $1 Billion, allowing Moonstake to become one of the top 10 staking providers globally. Since March this year, Moonstake has also entered DeFi together with the newly launched DeFi platform, Muse.Finance, who has begun releasing its core DeFi products which are all scheduled to be integrated into Moonstake platform to enable advanced DeFi connectivity for our global users.

Established in July 2015, Ethereum has long been leading the industry with Bitcoin as the most popular digital assets. The Ethereum network is has been running on the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm like Bitcoin since its inception, but is now changing to Proof-of-Stake. Benefits of The Merge include a massive 99.95% reduction in the network’s energy consumption and eventually, lower fees and faster transaction speed for users as the upgrade will set the stage for future scaling upgrades including sharding.

Moonstake Wallet has always supported the staking assets available on the Ethereum chain such as ORBS and CENNZ. By becoming one of the first platforms to support Proof-of-Stake Ethereum, Moonstake is further demonstrating its commitment to providing the best experience for crypto users.

About Moonstake

Moonstake is the world’s leading staking service provider that develops and operates decentralized wallet services for businesses and individuals.

Since its launch in April 2020, Moonstake has partnered with 27 leading platform providers, including Cardano’s constituent Emurgo, developer of the Polkadot-connected blockchain Astar Network Stake Technologies, and the TRON Network with over 50 million users. In May 2021, Moonstake further enhanced its corporate credibility by becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of OIO Holdings Limited, a company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

Using blockchain technology, Moonstake aims to progress toward a world where anyone can easily make use of highly secure and reliable digital asset management tools.

About Moonstake’s staking business

For the staking industry, which has grown into a 630-billion dollar market as of September 2021, Moonstake provides a decentralized staking service that does not require user deposits, and supports nodes around the world in addition to its own validator nodes. Moonstake currently supports the staking of 17 blockchains. With a total staking assets of 1.8 billion USD and a global user base, the company ranked third out of more than 10,000 providers worldwide in June of the same year.

About Ethereum

Ethereum is a technology for building apps and organizations, holding assets, transacting and communicating without being controlled by a central authority. There is no need to hand over all your personal details to use Ethereum – you keep control of your own data and what is being shared. Ethereum has its own cryptocurrency, Ether, which is used to pay for certain activities on the Ethereum network.

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Last modified: September 19, 2022