SINGAPORE – Para-athletes who win medals at most of the major Games can expect better cash rewards as the Singapore National Paralympic Council’s (SNPC) Athletes Achievement Awards (AAA) scheme has been enhanced.

The cash incentive for a Paralympic gold medal has been raised from $400,000 to $500,000, which is half the payout for an Olympic gold.

This was announced at the Asean Para Games (APG) flag presentation ceremony at the Sport Singapore auditorium on Saturday (July 2), where Minister of State for Culture, Community and Youth Alvin Tan was the guest of honour.

Thanks to DBS Bank and Tote Board, this is the second time in 10 months that the amount has been increased. Last October, the cash reward for a Paralympic gold medal was doubled to $400,000 following a public debate over the disparity in cash rewards for Olympic and Paralympic medallists after para-swimmer Yip Pin Xiu won two titles at the Tokyo Games.

The quantum for medals at upcoming major Games such as the July 30-Aug 6 APG in Indonesia and next year’s Asian Para Games will also be increased.

An individual gold medallist at the APG will now be awarded $5,000 for each gold medal – capped at a maximum of three highest achievements – with gold medallists in team events and team sports being awarded $8,000 and $16,000 respectively.

At the 2017 APG, gold medallists received $2,000 for each individual medal.

The monetary incentives for the Commonwealth Games, which have events for both able-bodied athletes and para-athletes, will stay the same, having been doubled last October. But the cash awards at the continental and Paralympic levels will be increased further.

At the Asian Para Games, the incentive for gold medallists will be raised from $35,000 to $85,000 for individual events, $50,000 to $125,000 for team events and $70,000 to $170,000 for team sports.

The amount for silver and bronze medallists for the Asian Para Games and Paralympics will also be increased.

These are further improvements on the scheme. Last year, DBS became a co-sponsor of the AAA, matching the scheme supported by primary sponsor Tote Board. Its involvement in the scheme saw the doubling of cash awards given out to para-athletes who win medals at all major Games.

SNPC president Dr Teo-Koh Sock Miang hailed this as a significant move, thanking DBS Bank and Tote Board for their support.

She said: “For all of us involved in para-sport, this demonstrates that there is tremendous support and recognition for what our para-athletes are working towards.

“It’s very important for athletes that they are recognised, that they are celebrated, for what they do in their sport. And so this would motivate our athletes, this would challenge them to give their very best.”

Last modified: July 2, 2022