Mandatory mask-wearing may keep us and the people around us safe from Covid-19 infection, but introduces a daily inconvenience that Singaporeans never had to deal with previously: their spectacle lenses fogging up with each breath expelled.

Spectacle wearers now find themselves having to wipe their glasses off on a cleaning cloth or the hem of their shirt constantly. And when one is in the middle of carrying out construction work, delivering an important presentation or performing a surgical operation, what used to be a simple act of cleaning becomes exponentially annoying – not to mention, highly distracting.

Investing in quality and reliability

If these scenarios sound familiar to you, consider Apollo Lens by Apollo Optical. Founded in 1970 in Hong Kong, the company established itself in Singapore two years ago, and now calls it home to its second-largest base of operations in the region.

Apollo Lens retails special ion-plated lenses from legendary German lens manufacturer Schneider, known for high-performance, ultra-sharp lenses for industrial equipment and photographic imaging.

ANTI FOG|English

The company’s latest innovation is lenses featuring a special alloy layer permanently applied through ion beam deposition.

Featuring anti-reflective capabilities, the alloy layer repels water droplets, spreading them into a thin liquid film across the lens’ surface that remains transparent to the human eye.

And since the lenses can be coated on both surfaces, they are also resistant to moisture from external sources.

Maintenance is low-key. All Apollo Lens – Anti-Fog lenses come with a specially-developed anti-fog cloth that replenishes and strengthens the alloy coating with each wipe, extending its shelf life.

Lenses customised to your every need


Apollo Lens – Anti-Fog lenses are not Apollo Optical’s only product offerings. It is also the sole distributor of Rodenstock lenses – one of Germany’s leading lens manufacturers – in Singapore.

A technology leader in the optometric industry, Rodenstock provides ultra-sharp opthalmic lenses to suit every single wearer.

Through its legacy of research knowledge, superb craftsmanship, precise measurements and pioneering technology, Rodenstock has reinforced the wisdom of investing in each pair of bespoke lenses.

Each Rodenstock product is perfectly tailored for its wearer, providing crystal-clear vision through a combination of ultra-precise measurements and the latest in lens technologies.

Rodenstock Lens Production

Optics makers like Rodenstock and Apollo Lens do not compromise on the quality of their lenses, so why should you? As the hot and humid season continues and the pandemic shows no signs of ending, it’s time to say goodbye to your days of tired vision and constant wiping once and for all.

Apollo Lens – Anti-Fog and Rodenstock lenses are available in most optical stores islandwide.

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Last modified: July 1, 2021