Los Angeles, CA, August 30, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Futura Token ($FUTURA), a new form of decentralized finance (DeFi) token utilizing a “smart liquidity pool,” successfully launched and began trading on Uniswap on the 8th of August 2022.

Assessing current market sentiment, the company believed this an ideal climate to launch a new form of DeFi token, which adjusts the usage of the transaction fees intelligently, based on live market data. The company believes this “smart liquidity pool” can deliver optimum price performance to investors, even in market volatility.

The team has provided numerous updates and revelations in the first week since launch, establishing FUTURA as an investor-focused DeFi project.

First-week Chainlink Integration

To ensure accurate market information is continuously being assessed, the $FUTURA contract is directly reading Chainlink Price Feed data. This innovative approach to liquidity pool management was developed in partnership with well-respected Ethereum blockchain developer Sir Tris (Twitter:@SirTrisCrypto), who counts amongst his most successful recent projects Clifford Inu ($CLIFF), which was the first ERC-20 token to utilize native burns from the liquidity pool.

New Generation Smart Contracts

Many investors have temporarily pulled out of the DeFi space out of concern for fraud since, according to market analysis tools like the BTC F&G index, the overall market mood is highly unfavorable.

Future-focused at $FUTURA, the business is spending money to create a next-generation contract analyzer, utilizing the skilled crew at their back. The company claims that several other cutting-edge solutions that are presently under development will continue to prioritize enhancing the safety of the typical investor in the occasionally hazy DeFi field.

By refining existing mechanics and expanding the capabilities of smart contracts, FUTURA works to usher in a new generation of smart contracts by optimizing them from the inside out.

Programmed Growth

The FUTURA smart contract was designed from the bottom up to offer a dynamic taxing scheme as a countermeasure to the prevailing market attitude.

As investors flock into FUTURA, the contract takes a portion of the taxes into the LP, storing them in the contract itself. This, in essence, ensures that on any price drop, the contract automatically removes the generated LP and purchases it on market value, subsequently burning the supply.

Deflationary Dynamic Taxation

Through Futura’s dynamic tax system, the contract buybacks automatically get burnt, taking the tokens out of circulation permanently, which results in more scarcity and a higher PPC overall.

This mechanic provides a price cushion and prevents significant drops on the chart, ensuring that the price floor is up with any contract interaction. Furthermore, this solution also results in higher liquidity, providing more overall stability to the token.

About Futura

Futura is a decentralized finance project on the ERC20 network, launched on the 8th of august. Futura was created from the ground up by SirTris, who is known for developing safe, reliable, and innovative smart contracts. SirTris’s prior contracts have garnered over 5 billion dollars when combined with their top market price.

Futura is a first-of-its-kind smart contract that utilizes dynamic taxation and liquidity to raise the price floor permanently, higher LP % as the market cap rises, and lower LP % as the market cap reduces.

The contract is not renounced, as manual LP rebalancing is one of the core functions of the project.

Futura has been developing since late 2021, with a core focus on providing a haven against the permanent market volatility in the cryptosphere.

The primary aim of FUTURA has remained firm since its inception – bridging the gap between the safety of traditional blue cap cryptocurrencies and the dynamic world of decentralized finance projects, all while encouraging safety, reliability, and positive growth through development.

At this time, $FUTURA has applied for listing status with Coinmarketcap.com and CoinGecko.com. The contract has just completed a security audit with Asfalia (http://Asfalia.xyz).

$FUTURA is currently trading at $0.004060 per token.

Social Links:

TG: https://t.me/futura_portal

Chinese: https://t.me/Futura_CN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FuturaToken

Media Contact

Brand: Futura Token

Contact: Kevin Bryant, VP of PR

Website: https://www.futuratoken.com/

Email: press@futuratoken.com

SOURCE: Futura Token

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Last modified: August 31, 2022