More than 600 students have graduated from the Yale-NUS college, since the elite Yale University in the United States and the National University of Singapore (NUS) first launched a liberal arts programme in 2013.

September 2010

Yale and NUS ink a memorandum of understanding to enter into a tie-up to create a liberal arts college in Singapore. Then Education Minister Ng Eng Hen says a liberal arts education may be a somewhat new concept to Singaporeans, but over time, parents, students and employers would come to recognise its value in nurturing future leaders in all fields.

April 2011

Yale and NUS say plans are finalised and the new offshoot will be known as Yale-NUS College.

August 2013

Yale-NUS takes in its first batch of 157 students at a temporary campus in NUS University Town. Ninety-seven of them are Singaporean and the rest are from 25 other countries, selected from about 11,400 applicants from over 130 countries.

July 2015

Yale-NUS College moves into its new campus at 16 College Avenue West, near Clementi.

July and August 2017

First batch of students – 119 in total – graduate from the college after finishing a liberal arts degree programme. The college takes also takes in a record 250 students for its class of 2021, meeting target for its intended cohort size.

Feb 2018

Members of pioneer batch of Yale-NUS graduates enter the workforce. More than nine in 10 of them find work within six months of final examinations, a graduate employment survey finds. Jobs they take are mostly in sectors like public service, journalism, finance and the arts.

August 2021

Yale-NUS College combines with University Scholars Programme to form a new college. Says the year’s Yale-NUS intake will be its last, and the batch of students will graduate as Class of 2025.

Last modified: August 27, 2021