TOKYO, Oct 6, 2022 – (JCN Newswire via – Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd. announces participation in the project to develop and demonstrate a fast and high power charging equipped with a fast charging connector that conforms to the Japan-China next-generation charging standard CHAdeMO3.0 (ChaoJi2) specifications issued in 2021 by CHAdeMO Association (“CHAdeMO”). Through the project, Hitachi Industrial Products will utilize its accumulated EV charging technologies to develop and demonstrate next-generation high power chargers, thereby contributing to the expansion of charging infrastructure and the spread of environmentally friendly EV (Electric Vehicle).

Schematic of ChaoJi2 charging demonstration

Overview of the project

The CHAdeMO Association has standardized the next-generation high power charging standard (ChaoJi), which is under joint development between Japan and China, as CHAdeMO3.0, and has issued design requirements in 2021. CHAdeMO 3.0 supports 1) high output power of over 500 kW (maximum charging current: 600 A), 2) uses liquid cooling technology and relocates the lock mechanism to the inlet side enable the connector to be compact and the charging cable compact and lighter, 3) maintains backward compatibility with existing CHAdeMO 3.0 vehicle fast chargers (CHAdeMO, GB/T(1), CCS(2)),” and these technical elements are essential to widely promote EVs with large battery capacity and fast charging infrastructure.

The project is planned to be implemented at our Omika Works (5-2-1 Omika-cho, Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture), and we plan to open this demonstration site to domestic and foreign vehicle OEMs for 2 years from April 2023) through the CHAdeMO Association.

Future prospects

The electrification of automobiles is rapidly progressing in countries around the globe to realize a decarbonized society. We have a wealth of experience in power electronics technology and will continue to develop commercialization of EV charging technology. Our products with scalability and dynamic switching technology suiting to from ultra-fast charging to fast with multi-vehicle charging, fits to users’ charging requirements in various scenes, such as fast charging for large battery vehicles, multiple and simultaneous charging for large commercial facilities and logistic centers, and V2B/G(3) compatibility by the discharge function. Larger battery capacity and fast charging infrastructure are essential for promotion of EV vehicles in coming years.

We will promote the electrification of heavy-duty vehicles and provide products that contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality throughout the project.

(1) GB/T: Chinese national standard.
(2) CCS (Combined Charging System): Electric vehicle fast charging standard spreading in North America and Europe.
(3) V2B/G (Vehicle To Building/Grid): A system that treats electric vehicles as storage batteries and supplies power to buildings and transmission/distribution networks.

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