GENOA, Italy, Feb 9, 2022 – (JCN Newswire via – Hitachi Rail will supply the Ligurian capital Municipality with 14 new generation trains equipped with the onboard systems necessary for the correct operation on the Genoa Network. The investment amounts to EUR70 million. The agreement was recently signed by AMT, acting on the basis of a mandate by the Genoa Municipality, beneficiary of the state financing.

The new trains will support the expansion of the metro network of Genoa, to connect an increasing number of people with sustainable mobility solutions.

Each of the new trains, made up of four carriages with an overall capacity of 290 passengers, will be bidirectional, 39m. long. They will normally run in consist of two for a total length of 78m. and a capacity of 580 passengers.

To allow a greater operative flexibility the new trains will be able to run also coupled with third generation vehicles currently in service on the city’s infrastructure.

The design of the interior fittings and onboard systems was conceived to limit as much as possible the encumbrance of the technical systems into the passenger compartments to have a continuous visibility through the adjoining cars. The seats create a symmetrical and well balanced layout for weight balance. The new metro trains will feature an innovative interior and exterior design, a state-of-the-art technology and the use of materials fully compliant with safety, resistance and recyclability requirements.

For the operation on the Genoa network the trains will integrate ATP and ATO system, related to speed control and assisted automatic drive.

The onboard telecommunication system is present in each car and thanks to Ethernet it can guarantee the connectivity of all communication devices, such as sound and display for information to the passengers, emergency intercom and control devices reserved for the driver.

Furthermore the cars will be equipped with an innovative air conditioning system that will greatly increase the comfort of passengers in every condition and season.

The new trains will support the improvement of the Genoa Metro, including the west and east extensions towards Canepari and Martinez, both under construction.

The fleet will be manufactured entirely in the Hitachi Rail’s factories in Italy, using a national supply chain, and the first trains will be delivered in early 2024.

These vehicles sum up to the fleet of 25 metro trains that AMT operates, 7 of which with similar characteristics and already delivered in 2016 by Hitachi Rail to Genoa Municipality.

These too will be recovered and maintained in the AMT Dinegro depot named after the Carabinieri Lieutenant Giuseppe Avezzano Comes.

This investment enhances the choice of the Municipality to turn towards sustainable mobility perfectly matching the decarbonisation strategy of Hitachi Rail.

“With these new 14 trains realised by Hitachi, a company we have a strategic partnership with, we will make the travel experience of residents and tourists more and more agreeable and comfortable,” says Matteo Campora, Councilor to the Integrated Mobility and Transports of Genoa Municipality. “The improvements to the metro network are a strategic pillar of the commitment of the Municipality and AMT for the decarbonisation of the transport network in Genoa. The aim is to encourage the shift from private transport, based on polluting cars, to a more sustainable mass transport more environmentally friendly as a necessary condition to reduce the environmental footprint of our travelling.”

“The improvement of the metropolitan network is fundamental for the public transport in Genoa. AMT believes in an integrated pattern metro/bus to guarantee the max mobility options available to Genoa citizens,” declares Marco Beltrami, AMT Chairman. “The new 14 trains will allow us to offer a service of constantly increasing quality, within a growing network. The presence of Hitachi in Genoa allows us to have not only a global level supplier, but also a partner with whom we can launch important innovative projects.”

“This contract further confirms the value of the close synergy between Hitachi Rail, Genoa Municipality and AMT for the mobility in the city of Genoa,” says Andrea Pepi, Head of Sales & Projects, Rolling Stock, Hitachi Rail. “We are proud to give our contribution in terms of innovation, technologies and solutions to increase the sustainability of the public transport in Genoa to benefit people’s quality of life.”

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About AMT Genova

AMT, Azienda Mobilita e Trasporti, is the public transport operator for the Municipality of Genoa and the city metropolitan area. It operates different transportation modes: buses, trolley buses, subway, elevators, funiculars, rack railway, narrow-gauge railway, sea and on-call services. AMT’s mission is to address and implement city mobility policies, defined by the LPT government bodies, in order to make our passengers experience comfortable, pleasant and sustainable. The Vision is to become leader of public transport in Italy for the technologies employed and the ability to meet the mobility needs of citizens, in order to distinguish the city of Genoa and the metropolitan area for its public transport system. AMT is an innovation-oriented company, capable of evolving starting from 120 years of history and which today has more than 2,700 employees.

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Last modified: February 9, 2022