Toyota City, Japan, Aug 2, 2021 – (JCN Newswire via – TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has announced that it will reproduce spare parts for the Land Cruiser in celebration of its 70th anniversary today, August 1. The parts will be reproduced for the 40 Series Land Cruiser, which was produced between 1960 and 1984, as part of the GR Heritage Parts Project.

The 40 Series Land Cruiser

The project reproduces spare parts that have been discontinued and sells them as genuine parts through a special collaboration with suppliers, in order to support customers who wish to continue driving older vehicles that are full of memories and that they truly love.

The Land Cruiser has long promised “to take people anywhere and everywhere and come back alive and safe.” Even models whose production has been discontinued for several decades continue to be cherished by large numbers of customers all over the world, and continue to actively support lives, livelihoods, and more fulfilling lifestyles. However, recent years have seen a shortage of spare parts, with Land Cruiser owners expressing fears they will no longer be able to drive their vehicles.

For this reason, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has made the decision to reproduce parts for which there is greatest demand and need, so that customers can continue to drive their cherished vehicles in safety and with peace of mind. The company has carried out preliminary surveys with exclusive Land Cruiser dealers and fan club representatives from across the globe and, as a result of these activities, it is advancing preparations to reproduce and sell parts related to the critical functions of driving, turning, and braking for the 40 Series Land Cruiser. These parts will be supplied as “heritage parts,” and will include engines, drivelines, and exhaust systems. Availability of parts will be launched as preparations have been completed, with a target launch date of the beginning of 2022.

Additionally, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing is preparing a questionnaire form on its website* where customers can submit their reproduction requests. This feedback will be used in the selection of the next parts to be reproduced.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has previously supplied heritage parts for the A70 and A80 Supra, and the 2000GT, but this will be the first time it has reproduced spare parts for the Land Cruiser. In addition to the 40 Series, the company intends to discuss reproduction of parts for later generations of the model.


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Last modified: August 2, 2021