Owning a Citi Credit Card can give you the financial liberty to shop to your heart’s content, pay your bills on time, dine at your favourite restaurants, book staycations for weekend getaways, and more. Apart from these, Citi Credit Cards also offer a well-curated suite of benefits and privileges. From this portfolio of cards, you can select the one that aligns to your needs to make the most out of it.

There are different types of Citi Credit Cards that are designed to cater various requirements. From rewards credit cards to cash back credit cards, you can choose to fit your requirements list. Read along to know more about why you should apply for a Citi Credit Card.

Reasons to Apply for a Citi Credit Card

To help you decide with ease, we have listed some of the reasons to show you why you should apply for a Citi Credit Card:

Citi Cash Back Credit Cards

Citi Cash Back Credit Cards offer impressive cash back on your daily spends. For example, if you apply for the Citi Cash Back Card, you will earn bonus cash back whenever you use it to pay for your groceries, petrol, and dining bills. This way, while you pay for your everyday needs, you can also save money. You can even check out cards such as the Citi SMRT Card to save on your public transport, taxi rides, and online shopping purchases, and the Citi M1 Card to get cash rebates on recurring M1 bills.

Citi Rewards Credit Cards

With Citi Rewards Credit Cards, such as the Citi Prestige Card, Citi Rewards Card and Citi Lazada Card, earn rewards points faster on certain categories and redeem rewards points through a myriad of options. You can use these rewards points while shopping, booking your tickets, on dining bills, online spends, and more. By using the points, you can even offset your bills and other expenses.

Citi Travel Credit Cards

Ideal for those who love exploring new places and travelling, the Citi PremierMiles Card offers Citi Miles for every dollar spent, be it on travel bookings, online shopping and more. With the accrued Citi Miles that never expire, you can directly pay for hotel bookings or flexibly redeem for cash rebates.

Citi Student Credit Card

Citi Clear Card is the student credit card that is suitable for the student lifestyle when it comes to dining, shopping and more. Gain rewards and exclusive deals with Citi with no minimum income required. If you are a tertiary student (18 years and above), you can apply for it easily.


Citi provides a host of benefits and features that can elevate your credit card experience. What’s more, you get to enjoy welcome offers if you’re a new Citi Customer. If the above features sound exciting and you want to explore them in detail, you can find out more and apply for a Citi Credit Card here.

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Last modified: September 17, 2021