MAS (Metaverse Avatar Show) Universe is a Web3.0 project based on BNB chain and will deploy multiple chains in the future.

New York, NY, August 08, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – MAS universe creates a personalized anonymous Avatar Show for each user, with user interaction, space exploration behavior and content sharing/creation as the core, building a Metaverse Space/Planet that can be interactive, entertaining, build, content create, participate, watch, generate value and return, and build social order. It will bring a more immersive metaverse social life experience to users and the blockchain industry.

MAS combines the characteristics of SocialFi, DeFi and DAO, creating a metaverse world that is open to exploration, inclusive and harmonious through its own content production and the aggregation of content produced by third parties and users.

MAS aims to promote the flourishing of the metaverse industry through platform content creation and user social interaction participation, linking reality and building an orderly new world.

MAS Team, working around the Metaverse dream

The core project members of MAS manage the development and operation process in the form of a DAO. The development team has 10 years of experience in motion and facial capture technology, AR/VR/XR and AI. Among them, there are many core members with more than 15 years of experience from Sandbox’s application scenario building.Meanwhile, the marketing and operation team also comes from well-known game companies, with more than 10 years of experience in marketing and operation of games and entertainment products. All core members of the team have served as core members in web3.0 or metaverse projects.It is worth mentioning that the 3D virtual scene building and avatar production, IP virtual image restoration introduced by the team have been widely used in the Asian region and have many cooperation cases.

At the end of 2021, the team had an exciting idea: they wanted to create a metaverse world that would give users an immersive experience. Each user would have an exclusive metaverse avatar and form a social network by exploring different themed planets, and this planet continent would bring everyone various mysterious interactive experiences.

This is the prototype of MAS dream, and we will continue to work hard around this design concept.

How the world of the MAS works

Users can join MAS easily and freely, and we will provide each Metaverse citizen with an exclusive Avatar, which means your Metaverse life has begun. Users can socialize and interact in the Metaverse, publish the created content to become influential people. Of course, you can also participate in various entertainment events: music festivals, painting exhibitions, launch parties, bars, cafes, etc., to experience the fun brought by various scenes. Not only that, we have a personal space for each user, so you can create your own favorite space, invite your friends to parties and keep meeting strangers with common interests. There will also be constant third-party partners joining and participating in the building of the public space, interpreting their brand image in the metaverse and bringing users a refreshing product experience.

As a Web3.0 & blockchain project, the economic system of MAS is also worthy of attention. Putting aside the complex financial system and numerical design, users only need to remember one thing: all actions and owned spaces and NFTs in MAS have value, and interactions can generate actual token benefits, easily realizing ‘X to earn’. MAS Token, as the main token of ecological governance, will be heavily invested in the reward system. In addition, the combination of defi features in MAS also provides liquidity to protect the value of MAS Token. MAS Token will also be available on CEX/DEX in near future.

The value and use of MAS NFTs

MAS provides users with five major types of NFTs that will be launched one after another. in addition to the value of collection, NFTs can also be used within MAS, and depending on the function, the scenarios and conditions of use will vary, but all NFTs have a certain degree of profitability. After the official trading market is officially launched, users can buy NFT and trade freely.

– Space/Land : contains personal space, public space, commercial space

– Avatar : including clothing, accessories, special effects, skin, etc.

– MAS props: including space decoration, space furniture, props and tools, etc.

– Tickets and rights: including passes, activation codes, tickets, etc.

– Limited category: including limited-time props, limited NFT, etc.

MAS will bring three core values to all users: 1. Create an exclusive identity and exclusive space for each person, and the interactive behavior of users will be effectively combined with the value system of MAS (virtual economy, NFT, virtual currency system). Realize social2earn, interaction to earn. 2.High freedom, easy to explore and release creativity. a large part of the unlimited imagination of MAS world (the look you see, the wealth you want to get, the order you want to establish, the activities you want to carry out, the information/interest/knowledge you want to share ……) will be created by users, without the limitation of time and space. 3. No threshold and difficulty to enter the metaverse world, we welcome Web2.0 & Web3.0 users. Flexible interaction mode with low threshold for participation, in the first moment when users enter MAS, they will be attracted by the magic of exclusive doppelganger and personal space building system and have 100% sense of belonging in the virtual world. No more restrictions on daily behavior due to shyness, social fear, real estate worries, appearance, gender, age and other factors.

MAS Recent Events

So far, the global promotion of MAS has started one after another, white paper and product demo will be released soon, you can follow the social media and participate in AMA and series of airdrop events.

The first batch of NFTs pre-sale will be launched soon, and the project team will launch various whitelist sales activities to reward MAS supporters.

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Last modified: August 8, 2022